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About the Region

Vienna (in German “Wien”) stands on the river Danube, with wooded hills to the north and west. The Danube runs through two channels, built to prevent flooding, which have created a narrow island in the middle. The capital city is the largest in Austria with a population of around 1.752 million inhabitants and has a typical continental weather with warm summers and cold winters.

Vienna started as a humble roman town called “Vindobona”. Since its Roman inception in 15 BC, it has changed hands many times. In the 13th Century the Habsburg Empire began with the capturing of the city by Rudolf I. However, Vienna was only adopted as the imperial capital later in the 17th Century when the Turks threat was finally over.The increase of richness from the spoils of war with Turkey had marvelous consequences for Vienna, with the city receiving much of the Habsburg rules and reflecting their love for architectural splendor and grandiosity.

In the 18th Century, baroque architecture began to appear and classical music was nurtured, bringing Mozart and Beethoven to the city followed by Schubert and Strauss in 19th Century. The musicians were joined by artists and writers, making Vienna one of the most culturally important cities in Europe.

Vienna is famous for its art and music, being considered the world’s music capital, which is reflected in its many concerts halls and stages well known all over the world.

For all that history the city of Vienna is elegant and cultured. It has a huge diversity of buildings from Baroque and “Art Nouveau” to the latest architecture and the old city center is considered by Unesco as a World Heritage site.

The most recognizable landmark of the city is the slim and graceful spire of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The cathedral built on the site of an early church it’s a 14th Century Gothic masterpiece.

Another important building is the Imperial Palace (Hofburg), which was the center of the Habsburg Empire and nowadays is the official seat of the Austrian President. The magnificent Schönbrunn Palace, considered one of Europe’s most impressive baroque palaces is also worth a visit.

Vienna is a magical city to visit throughout the year. The city social calendar has an enormous variety of festivals and events in all seasons, which will guarantee a wonderful and unforgettable stay for every visitant.

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